Proud, but ‘Shameless’

I received an e-mail from the Gov. Chris Gregoire re-election campaign with her statement against what she called a “tasteless attack” by the state Republican party. I had to do some searching to know what she might be talking about. According to the AP story, it’s probably this:

Here’s Gregoire’s response:

“I was proud to welcome Michelle Obama, who clearly loves our country deeply, here to Washington state this morning. These shameless attacks by the state Republican Party have no place in our politics. If John McCain is serious about running a “respectful” campaign on the issues, he and Republican leaders like Dino Rossi will denounce this tasteless attack ad and tell the state Republican Party to pull the plug on it immediately. After eight years of the most divisive, fear-driven politics this country has ever seen, I agree with Senator Obama that it’s time to turn the page and bring Americans together.”

One thought on “Proud, but ‘Shameless’

  1. The ad does more for Obama , it is tactless , Leave the guy’s wife alone . I think she is dong pretty good , not easy standing in front of a crowd and speaking .
    Gregoire unfortunately took the low road in her response . QWhcih from her advertisements we are seeing more and more she has little tact herself .

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