Again with the Speedway

farmac.jpgYou remember that time, when the city councilwoman from Fontana sent an e-mail to that city councilman from Bremerton and she was “I’m surprised that went public,” and he was all, “me too” and stuff?

Yeah, that was awesome.

Earlier this week there was a comment posted to that blog entry that was originally published in March of 2007. I wondered, but didn’t investigate, what had brought someone to that entry.

Then today in my Google alerts I found a link to this story, which ran Monday in the Inland Valley Daily Bulletin near Fontana.

The part that surprised me, again, was that the councilwoman stated again that it wasn’t intended for public consumption. This again goes to the topic of transparency in government issue and the rules about public official e-mails are apparently the same in California as they are here. So I don’t know why she still makes that point. And by the way, she’s someone I interviewed when I went to the race in California and I found her to be very helpful. This issue about e-mails, though, is still a new one for a lot of public officials.

3 thoughts on “Again with the Speedway

  1. Thank you for the comparison to Paul McCartney. Hopefully I’ve done better finding a spouse who will still need me, and will still feed me, when I’m Sixty-Four.

  2. A little off issue, but I’ve been thinking about how many would have been able to make it out here, if we’d gone ahead with the NASCAR plans. Gas is unaffordable for many, economy is not good for travel. Just makes u wonder.

  3. Email from anyone to anyone is not a private matter. You shouldn’t have to point this out to public officials…

    Monty Mahan

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