Washington Gov. Chris Gregoire and Barack Obama at Feb. 8 rally in Seattle. Seattle Post-Intelligencer photo by Joshua Trujillo. See it here.

Many times people will bring up subjects such as what’s in the title because they’re bored and they have a hard time seeing beyond their own state’s borders. That’s not what is going on here.

I brought it up because I heard former speaker of the California State Assembly and San Francisco Mayor Willie Brown suggest it the other night.

On one of the late-night shows on election night (My attempts to pinpoint which show failed.) Brown said Obama (should he get the Democratic nomination) might want to pick a woman as a running mate, either the senator from Missouri or the governor of Washington.

So I thought I’d do some checking to see if there’s evidence that anyone else of any repute has made the same suggestion.

Ann Medlock writes at Huffington Post:

“Obama/Gregoire 08. I’m looking for a downside and I can’t find it.”

I’m sure someone here can.

10 thoughts on “Obama/Gregoire

  1. My money is on Obama/Richardson.

    Richardson has been running for VP for the last four years.

    Can you imagine what that would do for Democratic turn out in the west!

    You can’t run for two positions at once on the same balot in Washington state. Gregoire is running for re-election as governor.

    However McCain’s VP is a pretty important pick considering how what a bad shape he is in.

  2. McCain’s in a tough position. If he decides that he has to keep the Christian conservatives from staying home (or running a third party candidate), then I bet he’ll go for Mike Huckabee or someone like him. But I think that’ll just make it even more difficult to attract the independent voters he needs to win in November.

    On the other hand, if he decides the Christian conservatives are going to stay home anyway (or run a 3rd party candidate), or that there’s a bigger upside to courting the independent voters, then I bet he goes for Joe Lieberman or Christine Todd Whitman. But in that case, he’ll not only lose the Christian conservatives, he may just split the GOP into two separate parties, and render it irrelevant for twenty years or so.

    Either way, McCain has a tough choice.

  3. I believe the show might have been After Hours on MSNBC that Dan Abrams was hosting. I remember this because I was watching the same thing and had voiced to my roommate right before Brown did that Christine would be an excellent choice due to the fact that she’s older than Sebelius (female Governor of Kansas) and would appeal to Hillary supporters as a compromise. 🙂

  4. Jake I think your right about Richardson
    If you looked at a resume only , Richardson should have been the Presidential nominee . He has the experience .
    McCain has Iraq around his neck , Christian Conservatives are increasingly flocking to the not a republican category , definitely not going to democrats because of so many of their social positions , but not a sure thing republican either . Which is good in my opinion . Don’t look to a split Elliot , look more to go home and serve their communities and churches . More private particpation , nothing wrong with hristians particpating , but the religious right theme compromised the church , the religious left will be getting the headlines if a democrat wins , and they will learn too I hope .

    The Christian Faith taught in the Bible is more concerned in how you particpate , not which political side your on .

    If Hillary does not continue to make this a ego fest , she promoted clean burning fuel the other day ???????? Coal is nasty , period . Bad for the envirnoment .

    Anyway , Vice Presidents don’t do as much to the ticket as some think in my opinion .

  5. Gregoire is not touring with Obama and campaigning with him right now. She is working on her own campaign and running the state of Washington.

    Bill Richardson on the other hand is touring with the Obama campaign, stumping for him and going to fundraisers for him.

    Again in Washington State you can’t run for two offices at the same time. Until she says that she is resigning from the Governor’s mansion I don’t see her running for VP.

    Besides we are not a swing state this election. Obama is going to trounce McCain here. Richardson on the other hand can open up a lot of western states like New Mexico, Nevada and Montana.

  6. Mick. If Governor Gregoire left then Lt. Gov (Don)Brad Owen (Knight of Spain) would take over.

    However Dino Rossi would beat him since he has the personality of a dead fish.

  7. Hillary will kill both of them and assume Gregoire’s identity.

    It’s so obvious.

    But if I was Obama I would pick Richardson too. Richardson is knowledgeable and tough enough to make the necessary attacks that the President cannot make as easily.

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