Dino Winning the Money Race in Kitsap

Statewide the incumbent governor, Democrat Chris Gregoire, is leading the money race against Republican challenger Dino Rossi. According to a new feature at the state’s Public Disclosure Commission, though, Rossi is pulling in more bucks in Kitsap County than Gregoire, $127,900 to $90,500.

There is an acknowledgment at the top of the feature that the state doesn’t quite have the boundary lines down perfectly. I would guess it would not make that much difference, not enough to affect who the money leader is here.

If you go to the main PDC site and then Search the Database you can search for a candidate’s contributions by city or zip code. So if you gave Finn a few fins or Seaquist some sawbucks your name will be public record, which could entitle you to be on the receiving end of colorful mailed advertising. That is, unless this:

Use of lists of individuals or directory information provided on this site for commercial purposes is prohibited under RCW 42.17.260(9). In the absence of a statutory definition of ‘commercial purposes’, the Attorney General of Washington views the prohibition as being broad in its application, given that “(t)here is nothing contained in the Act that distinguishes between different types of commercial purposes.”

prohibits that. I know political things feel like commercials, but I haven’t checked whether political activities are commercial activities. I invite anyone here to do the research. I’ve got another story I’m working on. Too busy, I tell you.

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