Oh My — The Local Angle

State Sen. Don Benton, R-Vancouver comes to the defense of state Sen. Pam Roach, R-Auburn, in a letter back to the party. He also is upset about how unprepared the party is for the 2008 legislative elections.

The other serious concern after spending over $300,000 last year is the fact that we still have no candidates recruited for 14 of the 16 “D” seats that are up this cycle. The filing period is only 2 months away. In fact, we only have two candidates, one of which found us. This is a sad commentary on the effectiveness of our whole team in recruiting candidates. Think about it seriously, 16 Democrat seats up, 7 where we stand a good chance (1st, 2nd, 10th, 23rd, 25th, 40th, and 41st where we lost the house member to the Democrats!) and only 2 candidates. Holy cow does anyone see a problem here?

You’ll notice the 23rd district is one listed by Benton as a place Republicans have a good chance. He points out it’s a district in which the GOP lost a House seat to a Democrat. That would be Democrat Christine Rolfes of Bainbridge Island defeating Republican incumbent Beverly Woods of Kingston.

He also mentions only two candidates, one of which came to the party.

I called Connie Lord, a Poulsbo city councilwoman who has announced her candidacy for the Senate seat currently occupied by Bainbridge Island Democrat Phil Rockefeller. Lord said she was recruited by the party. County party officials approached her first. She also traveled to Olympia where she met with state party officials. This happened before she decided whether she was going to run. So count her as the one who was found by the party.

This meshes with Kitsap County GOP chairman Jack Hamilton’s answer to me that wherever there is a race, the party is recruiting candidates.

The News Tribune is keeping close tabs on this Pam Roach issue.

2 thoughts on “Oh My — The Local Angle

  1. Lord is a seat warmer and has almost no chance against Senator Rockefeller.

    Phil is well liked by a majority of voters in his district by a wide margin, is very powerful in Olympia and is a brilliant and warm guy.

    Bev Woods moved away and is no longer a player in Kitsap politics.

    If the 23rd is their best chance in a state senate pickup than I can’t wait for November.

  2. Thanks Steve , That was ome letter .

    I know Phil better then Connie , he is a gentlemen and a good listener .

    My belief he would actually be better on the national scene then a state seat .
    He promotes much legisaltion that has national consquences for the envirnoment and government policy . But he seems out of touch respectfully with local issues unless they pertain to a progressive slant . In fact I would say some of the positions he has taken has hurt the ferries in regards to funding and operation .

    Should be a good race .

    Happy Easter by the way to all .


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