Our Apollo Project

Some of you who were heavy into the speedway debate from a year ago might recall that I took a little time off in the middle of it. A year ago this coming Saturday our family was joined by a 12-pounder we appropriately named Apollo Alexander Gardner. On Sunday we celebrated his first birthday, because this weekend he’ll be celebrating by going to Canada. This is purely a selfish post, but hey, when the phone rings in the White House at 3 in the morning this is the kid who’ll be sleeping (if he knows what’s good for him) in the room next to mine when the next president answers the phone.

We’ve pretty much kept Apollo off sugar, but on Sunday we let him dive right into his cake.

Check out the NASCAR cars in the cake. They came with the cereal. He’s a huge Cheerios guy.
He voted for Pedro and all his wildest dreams came true.

2 thoughts on “Our Apollo Project

  1. He sure is cute! I’m assuming that he got that from his mom and his table manners came from you! Am I correct?

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