A Scientific Experiment’s Results

You may have wondered what this was all about.

Texas Congressman Ron Paul gives this Web site no mojo.

I read somewhere that if you mention Ron Paul, the Texas Congressman who one caucus goer described as a Libertarian running as a Republican, in your blog you’ll get tons and tons of hits.

I didn’t want to actually write a lot about Congressman Paul, other than my conversations with his supporters at the caucuses. If you click on the link there’s a picture of one and there’s some audio you can listen to that includes the supporter arguing with a McCain backer.

My solution was to trot out a mysterious two-line post that included his name. It was a scientific experiment of sorts.

The post earned 17 hits, hardly the kind of record postulated by some whozits.

Conclusion: Putting “Ron Paul” on your blog does not necessarily equal megahits. If it were a primary, he would have finished behind Duncan Hunter. I could have written “Kevin Benedict” on there and gotten more.

I’m not talking about the former catcher who Tommy Lasorda said would come in third place if he raced a pregnant woman. Kevin was my best friend in high school. Chicks dug him, in part because of his Ford Pinto with the shag carpet and killer 8-track player.

“It’s all part, of my rock and roll fantasy.”

5 thoughts on “A Scientific Experiment’s Results

  1. As an experiment it proved several points which you either neglected to mention or simply did not imagine:

    1 – we of the r3VOLution actually read and consider the content to which we respond.
    Responding to the mere mention of the name ‘Ron Paul’ is a Pavlovian test to which only the programmed would respond.
    2 – the 17 hits were spambots
    3 – This is out of context: where is the baseline data and did you perform similar ‘experiments’ using other names?

    Best luck on your graduation from Science 101!

  2. Flo, no need to apologize. There was no attempt to be smart here, only smart-aleck. Perhaps there was a hidden message in “This is only a test.” Hmnnnn.

    TheOneLaw, While I’m sure not all 17 were spambots, most surely were.

    If this one experiment gets me through the whole class, woo-hoo!

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