To Get Your Caucus Location

Kitsap County Democrats and Republicans will meet in caucuses this weekend to decide how many delegates each presidential candidate gets in the summer national conventions.

The state Democratic party will use the caucuses exclusively to mete out delegates. Republicans will use a combination of results from the caucuses and the presidential primary on Feb. 19.

Caucuses begin at 1 p.m. Saturday. To find out where your precinct will be meeting, find the precinct number listed on your voter registration card, then contact either the Republican or Democratic parties. If you don’t have your registration card, contact the county elections office at (360) 337-7128.

Once you know your precinct number, you can then contact the parties to find out where to meet. To find Republican Party caucus location information, go to or call (360) 871-2200 or 308-9845. Democratic caucuses can be found at or by calling (360) 698-6833.

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