Former Legislative Candidate Arrested

Frank Mahaffay, who ran as a Republican against Democrat Sherry Appleton for state representative in 2004, was arrested Thursday night on suspicion of identity theft and was present at a preliminary hearing today.

Kitsap Sun reporter Josh Farley is preparing a story that will post soon.

In an Oct. 16, 2004 story I wrote, there was mention of Mahaffay’s financial struggles.

Mahaffay has experienced some financial difficulties. In 1998 he filed personal bankruptcy and since 2000 has been taken to court three times for writing checks that were not honored by his bank. One of those cases was dismissed. The other two he paid off.

“I had rough times,” he said. “I made a mistake and paid for that mistake and have moved on from that.”

The information from the newspaper story was later used in Democratic advertising. Angela Smith wrote on Oct. 30, 2004 about some of the negative campaigning and included a quote from Mahaffay:

“I was the victim of (attacks) via the Bremerton Sun, but haven’t been the victim from any other perspective,”

In the county’s Rebublican voter guide prior to the 2004 Primary, Mahaffay answered the question about the top challenge of the office:

Out of control spending and misapplied dollars are hindering our economic prosperity.

9 thoughts on “Former Legislative Candidate Arrested

  1. After a long hiatus, I am now back and as a resident of Washington State! I just read a story about Speaker Chopp’s support for $150M in public funds for Husky Stadium renovations. I would like to know if this issue will be covered in the Kitsap Caucus? Seems a bit hypicritical of Speaker Chopp to support such a move, given that he was opposed to public funds going to sports stadiums when it was a Kitsap Raceway. Perhaps Jacob or some other support of Speaker Chopp would like to explain the thought process…

  2. Hey Zachary. Welcome back! While I will miss many of the Michigan race related stories that you had, I am very glad that you are once again a member of our great community.

    The blog has changed a little since you have been away. Many things are not updated here as quickly as they used to be, but still remain somewhat filtered from the really bad apples. Now for the posts after various stories on the home page and other places…well that is defiantly a free for all and can get pretty abusive, personal and most times starts with senseless hatred before the more meaningful thought provoking posts show up. The Kitsap Sun is getting better at removing the really ugly ones.

    Many of the posters who were involved, with the blog, during the speedway discussions have scaled back or gone away completely. Which has proven to me that it really was just the topic of NASCAR that got them involved and not a desire to really impact or make a day to day difference in their community.

    I look forward to talking to you more soon.

    Colleen Smidt

  3. Last weekend I got in an almost heated exchange with Rep Ross Hunter over his vote for Tim Eyman’s I-474 and it’s disastrous fiscal impact for Kitsap County at a forum on property taxes in Gig Harbor.

    Basically even though the thought it was bad policy the Governor and Speakers requested it so he had no problem ramming it through the legislature. Rep. Hunter scoffed at the notion that there was a budget crisis in Kitsap and I told him that we had to lay off Sheriff’s Deputies and Kitsap County personal because of I-474.

    Husky Stadium is in Speaker Chopp’s district and the UW is a publicly funded public school but it’s not an open and closed issue on if the sports program should get $150 mil. It sounds like Apples (Cups) and oranges compared to the NASCAR legislation that was a 57 page monstrosity that completely re-wrote existing legislation and disempowered the Kitsap county government.

    There are plenty of Democratic politicians that I don’t see eye to eye with on all the issues including the Speaker and the Governor. I don’t support ANY legislation with fiscal impact being shoved through the legislature without due process. You should call Rep Chopp and Rep Pederson of the 43rd LD and let them know how you feel about that issue. Call your local legislator and let them know how you want them to vote. Ask them how many students could have scholarships with the $150 mil and why can’t the UW take out a private investment to finance it. Tell them that you support fiscal responsibility and you wished that the budget reflected your values. Take a day off work and drive down to Olympia and meet with your legislator face to face. Don’t ever forget that they work for you.

    On and the Republican creep sounds like a crook. I can’t believe this guy got the endorsement of the GOP House campaign committee and the Kitsap Republicans. How is that for a judgement of values. The guy stole from a friend to pay a $1500 cellphone bill. What a party of “Fiscal responsibility” and “Moral Values”.

  4. How is that for a judgement of values. The guy stole from a friend to pay a $1500 cellphone bill. What a party of “Fiscal responsibility” and “Moral Values”.

    Posted by: Jake Metcalf

    The NK Herald endorsed him .
    The only republican they have endorsed in a long long time . The guy was a smooser . President of Real Estate Council of some sort too . Your right , what a goof of the GOP , too bad he did not use the check to pay for sex , then he could have a excuse you might understand .

  5. What are you implying Mick? My record is spotless (besides speeding tickets) and that last line is pretty close to slander..

  6. Jake, while the last line in Mick’s post might be an insult line, it’s nowhere near slander. Dude, you’ve thrown around enough character assassinations in here that you’ve got to lighten up when it comes back at you. Consider yourself, at most, zinged, because he said you could understand it, not that you’ve done it. Mick’s post is a reflection of one of the best characterizations of both parties that I’ve ever heard.

    “Democrats fear violence. Republicans fear sex.”

  7. Actually Jake I was being tongue in cheek about Bill Clinton.

    Get it ? Everybody said when Clinton lied , perjury it was ok .

    Hence if the GOP smoozer had wrote a bad heck for sex , it would be ok . Because it was only for sex.

    Jon Stewart I am not .

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