Policies and Politics

As of this writing we’re mere hours away from the new year, which means policies adopted or made clear by election go into play at midnight.

The Kitsap Regional Library system cuts 44 hours per week systemwide in 2008 and makes other changes, in large part because voters denied a request for more money.

The story has been up on our site for three hours and already there are raging arguments about the system and about taxes.

“Anti_BUMMERTOWN_Group” bravely proclaims:

Hello? It’s called the INTERNET! Libraries are a dinosaur! Just let them die. They are now officially a waste of taxpayer dollars.

“michael” offered a lengthy retort, which included:

Take a look at http://www.krl.org and click on “Electronic Resources on the right side and just take a look at the vast amount of resources you have access to with a library card.

I, for one, will report that just this morning I used the very resource “michael” referred to. As evidence I offer the New York Times quote in the As Iowa Nears post.

Additionally, texting and driving can result in a $124 fine in 2008.

Minimum wage will be $8.07.

One thought on “Policies and Politics

  1. Steven,

    Respective to the Kitsap Library system’s cuts and ‘That’s the kind of move voters were ordering in May when they turned down the library’s request to increase property taxes 18 cents per $1,000 in assessed value. Fifty-four percent of voters said “no.” ‘

    I see that’s not the kind of move we voters were ordering and wanting.

    I saw Kitsap Regional Library system ask for more money to main current services, more money to add new services, more money to expand staff…blah, blah, blah.

    I saw Kitsap Regional Library system receive more money for current services via a steady levy rate applied to increased propery values. I saw that system receive more money for current services via taxes on new construction.

    I see we voters ordered and want – continue current levy rate and continue current services. Do not increase levy rate to expand services,expand staff, expand empire et cetera.


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