Suffrage!?! You Can’t Eat That!

Andrew Binion writes:

You’d hope that when college students at an elite east coast private school were asked what it would take to keep them from voting, they’d give one of Charlton Heston’s steely grins and say something about a cold day in hell or “pry the butterfly ballot stylus out of my cold, dead hands.”

But no. No. No. At least that’s what the Internet says. It doesn’t lie.

According to a recent story highlighted on, a overwhelming majority of New York University students, and presumably students everywhere, would forgo casting a ballot in the 2008 presidential election for a free university education, and 20 percent even said they’d do it for an iPod.

(Read the story by clicking here)

The right to vote in this country has been a bloody battle starting in 1776. Even after the Revolutionary War, the right was routinely denied to the poor, to ethnic minorities and to women. To get the right, they had to fight. And there were many casualties.

I guess we can expect more from public school students.

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