Norm Levels Incredulity At Administration Official

Andrew Binion writes:

Who was that snarling at the head of the Transportation Security Administration on Wednesday?

Why, none other than former Washington Huskies linebacker Norm Dicks. Who has done quite well for himself in his second career as a congressman. (Good for him).

Appearing before the House Homeland Security Committee, TSA honcho Kip Hawley (who will forevermore be called Honcho Hawley in these pages) denied that security officials had attempted to warn screeners of an upcoming “covert inspection.” Screeners are tasked with, among other things, keeping bombs, shampoo and cigarette lighters off of airplanes.

Apparently, they could be doing a better job. (Click here for an Associated Press report that says screeners missed bomb parts, and even didn’t pick up on coins in one person’s pocket.)

An e-mail was forwarded that could be construed as a tip off Honcho Hawley admitted, but he said it was sent “out of concern that al-Qaida or other terrorists might be posing as transportation officials,” the Associated Press reported. (click this to read the APs full story, minus Norm’s incredulity)

Honcho Hawley emphasized there was no “tip off,” no “cheating” and called the effort to thwart terrorists posing as bureaucrats a “good faith” effort, conceding it was “perhaps mistaken judgment.”

The e-mail was “recalled.”

National Public Radio’s report used Dicks’ response in their broadcast. (click here for NPR report, and hear for yourself)

“You can’t be seriously saying what this individual did wasn’t a breach of integrity,” Dicks said, according to NPR. “The person who recalled this thing in 13 minutes thought a mistake had been made.”

The NPR report noted that there were two previous cases where “tip offs” were found.

One thought on “Norm Levels Incredulity At Administration Official

  1. Nice theater, but that’s all it is. Dicks should be scowling about our lack of Port security, Non inspection of planes cargo holds and open borders. Glad it can hold the publics interest until the next debacle, or Britney dust up, or Anna Nicole returns from the dead…..

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