747’s Demise Not Changing Bremerton’s Plans

This item is also posted on the Bremerton Beat blog.

On Wednesday’s Bremerton City Council agenda is one item that for the past five years has been a pro forma event, the passing of the 1 percent property tax levy increase.

This year, however, the city has all the legal right in the world to throw upcoming election margins to the wind and grab 6 percent. Council members appear in no mood to do that, heeding Gov. Chris Gregoire’s plea that local governments not rush for the cash in light of the overturned Initiative 747.

The council will also effectively lower its business and occupation tax by increasing the exemption from $40,000 to $60,000. This is part of the city’s intended move to eventually eliminate the tax completely to give businesses something of a break and make the city competitive with the county.

One thought on “747’s Demise Not Changing Bremerton’s Plans

  1. The City of Bremerton is pro-active and progressive. Kitsap county could take some lessons from Bremerton’s Mayor, City Council, and Department Directors.

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