747, Gregoire and Rossi

One of the questions I asked legislators was,

“If the Legislature does anything other than reinstate 747’s limits, doesn’t Dino Rossi become governor?”

None said, “Yes” for certain, but Eyman said, “Republicans are salivating the prospect of Democrats not enacting the 1 percent cap as is. When your opponents are begging you to ignore the voters, that’s a good sign.”

What do you think?

5 thoughts on “747, Gregoire and Rossi

  1. If observing one party rule has not already hurt dems in this state, failure to enact the 1% cap as it stood will certainly elect Mr Rossi.

    I would futher bet that if any local elected offical was to enact or vote for increases in taxes allowed by the courts ruling, before Olympia gets a chance to act, the official will have his/her political career ended.

    I worry about the Library whose officials are not subject to elections or recall.

  2. The current situation with taxing authorities ready to storm in is the equivalent of looters hitting local shops with blown out store windows in the dead of night. The looters are one step ahead of the arriving adult supervision (National Guard). The looters feel it is their right because of the greedy store owners to get what they are entitled to.

    Yes, there are taxing authorities that will get it (the Peoples’ money) while the gett’n is good. For these “crimes” against the People, justice will be enacted swiftly and decisively.

    Hey, “Make my day !!”

  3. I think the 1 percent limit goes the way of $30 car tabs.

    It’s like Strother Martin’s charactter says in the movie “Cool Hand Luke”

    “What we have here is a failure to communicate.”

  4. Larry,
    If the library authorities did that, their characterization in the community would go from a seeing-eye dog to a pit bull. The taste of bad milk would last for years.

  5. I think the dems not honoring the one percent limit would cause many people to consider Rossi who migth have considered Gregoire OK .

    Also with the economic forcast being one of pessimism , this state really is going to see anyone in the incumbent position being in a hard spot , especially if they allow taxes to be raised .

    The middle class is not in the mood of paying out anymore . We got our own bills .

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