1 Percent and Make it Special

The governor got specific today, calling for the 1 percent cap. From her Web site.

“I plan to push for legislation that establishes a one percent cap on annual property tax increases. I am already in discussions with legislative leaders on the best next steps to make sure we can implement this correctly.

“I am urging local leaders and taxing districts to not increase their tax levies, based on the court decision, to give the legislature time to act.

“The voters approved Initiative 747, it has been in place for five years and I think we need to leave it in place.”

Dino Rossi responds calls for a special session on his site:

Seattle, WA – Dino Rossi today called on Governor Christine Gregoire to hold a one-day special legislative session before the end of November to reinstate the one-percent limit on property tax increases.

“If Christine Gregoire is serious about providing property tax relief and reinstating the will of the people, then she will act now to cap property tax increases at one-percent,” said Rossi. “This cannot wait until January. Homeowners are threatened with a huge tax hike and local governments and tax districts now have the ability to retroactively tax up to the 6 percent limit. This would be devastating to many senior citizens and low-income people who are being taxed out their homes. Simply asking local governments to not raise taxes is not enough. It is time for Gregoire to turn her words into action and call a one-day session to protect the will of the taxpayers.”

3 thoughts on “1 Percent and Make it Special

  1. I must say I’m not impressed with Rossi’s attacking out of the gate. But then, he is a Republican and they’re famous for fear and smear.

    Yes, we’ll probably get a one percent cap, but I’m not sure we Washingtonians are aware that we are going to have to pay for the type oc communities we’d like to have. Or we could just adapt a California way of life and let communities just sort of happen.

    Regardless, we’re going to have to pay for whatever we get, and last I checked, taxation ids the only way to do that.

    If folks are really pissied about spending they should get and stay informed. Our representative type of government only works if we’re involved.

    The way it appears to me is that Republican meetings and such are closed to the public. How can we learn what they’re about if they’re behind closed doors all the time. Sounds like the White House, doen’t it?

    But from my experience, Democrat meetings are open to the public, and the public is welcome. I’ve even seen Republicans at Democrat meetings taking notes. I hope they learned something.

    If we don’t like how our money is spent, then we are responsible to make sure it is spent correctly. That’s the answer – not putting a cap on taxes.

  2. Michael,

    “That’s the answer – not putting a cap on taxes.”

    Yea, that’s the right answer??????

    Feel free to pay extra taxes if you really feel so generous. Here is the address:

    Department of Revenue
    PO Box 3835
    Seattle, WA 98124-3835

    Enjoy…but stay out of my pocket!!

  3. Michael,

    Republicans meet the first Monday of the month at 7:00pm at the Silvedale Beach Hotel (or whatever it is called these days).

    I’ve never seen anyone denied a seat… oh, wait… last week it was standing room only, so if you were late, you didn’t get a seat… but you could still stand in the room.

    Kathryn Simpson

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