If It’s On PR Newswire . . .

Rep. Dennis Kucinich, D-Ohio, was the only presidential candidate I got to cover in 2004, so he holds a special place in my heart. Still, when I read the following press release headline:

Kucinich Tops All Other Democratic Presidential Contenders, Wins 41 States in National Poll Among Grassroots Democrats

I have to wonder if people put more credibility in this or the notion that Kucinich saw a UFO.

According to these polls, Kucinich has between 2 and 4 percent support within the Democratic party.

One thought on “If It’s On PR Newswire . . .

  1. I just read where Kucinch has had impeachment drawn up for Chenny .

    If it was any other candidate I would have given it some substance , he just appears to be a very sincere fella who is a loon . The liberals who support him are the fringe , some are pretty nasty people , some are very kind hearted .

    He attracts the nuts Steve . The only way he will become President is if he gets “beamed” into office .

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