Inslee Can Support Prop 1, But Can’t Vote on It

U.S. Rep. Jay Inslee, D-Bainbridge Island, was on the Dave Ross show on KIRO Halloween morning. As has been the norm of late, he was talking about alternative energy and his book, Apollo’s Fire.

A woman called and asked what more she could do, because she worked nights and public transportation wasn’t available to her. I’ll give you the transcript without “uh,” “um” and “you know,” or you can listen to it

      1. here

Joan in Maple Valley: Thanks. I would like to know what I can do more than I’m already doing. I’m an average person. I work in West Seattle. I live in Maple Valley. I work nights. There’s no transportation other than my car.

Dave Ross: Well are you asking this question because you feel you’re not doing enough or because you (laughs) want us to pat you on the back?

Joan: No, I want to do more.

Ross: OK.

Joan: But I’m not sure what I can do. Energy efficient appliances and stuff, but you know what kind of more things can I do?

Dave: I’m guessing buy Jay’s book.

Jay Inslee: (laughs) That would be too easy.

(All laugh)

Joan: All right I’ll do that.

Ross: I hope it’s printed on recycled paper, by the way.

Inslee: Believe me it is.

Ross: OK.

Inslee: First off I appreciate you asking that question and all of us have some role in this in our personal lives and we can play some role. There are the obvious things like using energy efficient light bulbs, having a water heater that’s set at a temperature that’s not too high, using energy efficient appliances, setting your thermostat at a reasonable level, using public transportation to the extent possible and one of the great, great sort of undiscussed issues in this energy issue is the need for efficient public transportation options for people.

Joan: Yes.

Inslee: We look at the places that have actually succeeded in reducing their CO2 emissions, like Portland for instance, and a large part of it has been because they have been successful at giving people choices other than just a single-occupancy vehicle.

Ross: So you’re saying, “Vote for Proposition 1.”

Inslee: I am voting for proposition 1 and I think 75 percent of that investment there goes to public transport and high occupancy vehicles and that’s the reason I’m voting for it. It’s like anything else. It’s not perfect, but it’s a step forward in public transportation, so I am supporting it.

Trouble is, Inslee lives on Bainbridge Island. As much as islanders identify more with Seattle than, say, Silverdale, they can’t vote on the measure.

I thought perhaps Inslee misspoke, or was registered over there. I called his D.C. office. He isn’t. He misspoke. His office responded:

You’re intuition is absolutely right – Jay is a Bainbridge / Kitsap resident and thus is not eligible to vote on Prop 1.

As the member who represents parts of King and Snohomish counties (see our district map for details: ), however, he backs Proposition 1 and thinks it would help the transportation situation in the 1st Congressional District.

Thanks so much for keeping close tabs on Jay and what he’s up to.

Inslee also wrote a column supportive of Proposition 1 in the Seattle P-I.

One thought on “Inslee Can Support Prop 1, But Can’t Vote on It

  1. Steve, at first I wondered whether, in editing out “uh,” “um” and “you know,” you may have inadvertently over-edited and Inslee had actually said something like “I am voting for Proposition 1, IN MY HEART, and … [blah, blah, blah].” But, after listening to the audio, I can only conclude that Inslee lied about voting for Prop. 1, therefore global warming is a myth. Case closed.

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