Realtors Support Bremerton Lid Lift

Mike Eliason just sent a note that says the Kitsap County Association of REALTORS® is behind Bremerton’s Neighborhoods Now campaign.

Bremerton city voters will decide whether to approve a six-year tax hike of about 19 cents per $1,000 in assessed property value to pay to improve parks, install and repair sidewalks and to increase code enforcement at individual properties.

Residents pay the city an average of $2.10 per $1,000 assessed value, in other words $420 a year for a $200,000 home. That average is expected to go down in 2008 to about $1.93. With approval the property tax levy would be $2.12, which comes out to $424 for the $200,000 home. That’s $4 more than in 2007, but $38 more than it would be if voters turn the city down.

The same entry appears on the Bremerton Beat blog.

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