On Notice Returns

“On Notice” is back, resuming our proven practice of stealing a gag from Stephen Colbert of The Colbert Report. Feel free to send your nominations and maybe, just maybe, you’ll experience the thrill of your idea of being held up by a cable celebrity without his knowledge.

Washington DOT and U.S. Rep. Norm Dicks, D-Belfair, are on notice thanks to reader submissions. WashDOT gets it for spending about $260,000 for Sunday’s Tacoma Narrows Bridge opening party, about $70,000 of which came from private sources, according to the News-Tribune. The congressman is on notice for the tunnel, a $30.7 million project to ease things for downtown pedestrians.

Claudio Borghi, the leading candidate to replace Nelson Acosta as the Chilean national soccer team coach, goes on notice for turning down the job before being offered. His decision comes because one guy managed to criticize him.

“I’m not interested in being judged beforehand. I’m not interested when people who don’t know me give their opinions about me.”

Dude, don’t ever run for office, or write a book, or write for a newspaper, or deliver a newspaper, or deliver a pizza. It’s hard to think he’s been coaching all these years and somehow escaped being discussed by people who didn’t know him. Oh wait, this is a politics blog.

Red light runners and school zone speeders will get it in Bremerton to the tune of
$112 and $177 beginning this fall. Cameras will be watching you at intersections and in a selected school zone.

Potter bias is the term for whatever people assume about Harry Potter fans. Many of you thought who reporters vote for indicates how they’ll report things. How is the fact that I went to the very first showing of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix any different? What does it say about me? Go ahead. Make your generalizations.

POF adversaries. Those who thought passenger-only ferries were a dead issue, U.S. Sen. Patty Murray got $2.2 million approved to finish the wake study, and Dicks got $1.5 set aside to buy a boat.

The Pledge of Allegiance is on notice thanks to the silence of six of seven members of the Bainbridge Island City Council. Bill Knobloch, city councilman gave a short speech in making a motion to make the pledge a regular part of council meetings. The speech was followed by applause from the audience, then crickets from the other council members. No one else would second the motion.

Remember, “You’re on notice” means “I’m watching you,” not “You’re dead to me,” which is a different Colbert subject. Send me your nominations for things or people you’re getting a little suspicious of, or getting a little tired of, or you think are not getting the attention they should. Feel free to duplicate other peoples’ nominations. If something gets nominated a lot, it’s more likely to get on the board.

Then again, this isn’t scientific and is subject to the blogmaster’s personal bias and sense of what’s relevant and/or funny. The board will be updated as frequently as once a week.

9 thoughts on “On Notice Returns

  1. Bainbridge Island has the Clowncil members and candidates rushing to the far-left of the ship of state in panic they might have to admit being part of USA. Check out Kitsap Sun articles on the pathetic council.

    Council member Knobloch made a reasoned and heartfelt statement on why the Pledge of Allegiance was important. Knobloch was made with stone silence by his council. Not one member seconded the motion.

    Bainbridge Island Council is hell-bent on topping Berserkely as the crazy epi-center of USA/Russia. The issue is not over. We may have Cub Scouts showing up for Council hearing to lead the assembled public and clueless leaders in the Pledge.

    Bainbridge — fasten your seatbelts as this story marches on.

  2. I think we put on notice people who demand respect for American institutions (such as the pledge) and then undermine respect for other American institutions (such as the Bainbridge Council) by calling them names (such as “Clowncil”). I suspect they don’t recognize their own hypocrisy.

  3. Being called crazy by James Olsen is like being called inarticulate by George W. Bush, or devious by Dick Cheney.

  4. Hey Elliot (no-last-name) and Phil G:

    I do admit my comments are not fair to the honorable and competent clowns in the world. The COBI Council sat grim-faced and stone silent when called for comment. This is the same Council members who can bloviate on nothing for hours and hours of council meeting but when asked for comment, SILENCE. Give the COBI Council a chance for profess undying love of liberal totems of big spending, taxes or opposition to the USA Patriot Act, you can’t shut them up as they mug for the cameras of BITV-12.

    This is the statement Councilmember Knobloch made for the Pledge.
    “The Pledge
    By Bill Knobloch

    I have respected my colleagues’ opinions and will continue to do so on future votes concerning many matters that will come before this council. I expect that kind of respect in return. It is called working together in a collegial manner.

    As representatives of the people, we are examples of our democracy in action at a local level. That we are sitting here today is possible as part of our heritage born from independence. What ever our final vote tally on this issue is, we will move on and continue our city’s work.

    I wish to make the pledge prior to our formal council meetings that are convened to do the people’s business. I choose to do that for many reasons, three of which I will mention:

    For the absent ones. The ones that made the ultimate sacrifice so that we can be here tonight practicing democracy.

    For the widows and families that received our country’s flag as part of the final service that interned their loved ones to the last resting place.

    For my love of our country that our flag and pledge represent. Any one political party does not own the pledge and our flag. Our freedom is all that matters. Our country gives us that and more.

    Just as our high school students pledge allegiance daily prior to start of their first class, I now move to ask council to make the pledge a permanent opening of our regular city council meeting agenda.”

    Perhaps we can have citizens lead the council in the Pledge because they clearly don’t get it. I wonder if we have some Cub Scouts who are working on a Civics badge who could use this as a learning moment for our midget leaders.

  5. I think the respectful thing to do is to allow the Pledge , just stay quiet during the citing of it .

    BI , what a beautiful place to be “from”.

  6. I think having a den of Cub Scouts lead the pledge is a great idea.

    Interesting though that scouts would never call the Council “midget leaders”- something about the scout oath and law that they are obligated to uphold…might be something adults should learn.

  7. OK, Bruce, you drive a hard bargain as always — less-than-giant leaders on the COBI Council instead of midget leaders. And no, I did not mean to deride real height-challenged humans. Bruce — what’s your problem with the use of midget leaders as a metaphor? Lighten up.

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