Bob Oke Dies

Steven Gardner writes:

Bob Oke, the Port Orchard Republican who served in the state Senate for 16 years, died Monday night.

The Senate gave him tributes in both 2005 and 2006, with many of his colleagues openly crying. Senate Majority Leader Lisa Brown said during one tribute that Oke “greeted each day so courageously.”

“If you can address what you’re addressing with such courage and grace, we should certainly do the same thing,” she said.

I mention it here because he testified in favor of the speedway in March, riling some (including a couple seated next to me) Democrats by suggesting there was a conspiracy in that party to not support candidates who supported the track. The guy a couple seats over from me dismissed Oke as a “former senator,” as if as if cancer wouldn’t convince everyone to consider their career choices. I didn’t get to cover the Legislature before this year and I never met Oke personally. I will say that hearing was the only time I ever heard anyone say anything bad about Oke. Though for many he was on the wrong side of a lot of issues, there are few people who were more revered than Oke.

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One thought on “Bob Oke Dies

  1. God Bless you Bob.

    Kitsap has just lost a man who dedicated his life to this community and this county. We had the privilege of knowing Bob, his wife Judy and his family for many years. They were our mentors, our leaders and our friends. Our thoughts and prayers are with them now. While this is not unexpected, he was still taken from us too quickly. He has left us with a legacy of personal courage and commitment. You will be missed. I have so many things to say but can not go on right now….my heart is broken.

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