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Music and outdoors meet at Moonfest


MoonFest—started by Rock and Roll Hall of Fame guitarist Roger Fisher to bring outdoors and music together—is coming August 21-22 in Lake LeLand, just across the Hood Canal. Now is the time to get tickets and reserve camping spots for the festival.

The line-up so far this year includes:

Bill Carter—well-known rock artist on the Austin music scene,

Geoffrey Castle—electric violinist closing out Saturday night,

Ian Moore—another singer-songwriter from Austin rolling together rock, folk and blues,

the Herbivores—a local Seattle favorite with reggae sounds

and Billy Stoopes, Tina Hendrix, Randy Linder and more.

The weekend will include tye-dyeing class (because, why not) on Saturday, a raptor exhibit from Discovery Bay Wild Bird Rescue, tai chi (you are there to relax) and options to kayak and explore the shore of the Hood Canal. Food available includes everything from vegan spreads to teriyaki chicken, brunch with berry pancakes and later on salmon dinners. Oh, and beer. There will be beer.

And while you are out there, take the time to enjoy the Olympic Peninsula too. Hike, relax, read, and then enjoy the music.

Olympic Music Festival announces 10-week schedule for 29th season

I just checked the Olympic Music Festival site and found the 2012 program is up, featuring 10 weeks of “Concerts in the Barn” beginning June 20 and running through Sept. 2 on the bucolic festival grounds near Quilcene.

The festival’s 29th season will feature many favorites, including founder and artistic director Alan Iglitzin (viola), Paul Hersh (piano) and Julio Elizalde (piano). Iglitzin will play in five of the 10 weekend programs, the first a Wolfe-Beethoven-Brahms program July 21 and 22 featuring festival favorites the Carpe Diem Quartet, which features OMF veterans Charles Wetherbee (violin) and Korine Fujiwara (viola), as well as new members John Ewing (violin) and Kristin Ostling (cello).

The season winds up Sept. 1 and 2 with the twin pianos of Elizalde and Michael Brown playing music by Brahms, Stravinsky, Bernstein (a suite from “West Side Story,” no less) and Ravel.

As always, concert-goers can enjoy the music from the barn, seated on church pews or hay bales, or outdoors on the berm, and spend time prior to and following the concerts picnicking and strolling around the 55-acre grounds, a former dairy farm. Concerts are on Saturday and Sunday afternoons, beginning at 2 p.m.