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Noah’s, Grub Hut make ‘best burgers’ list

The Web site onlyinyourstate.com just gave a shout-out to 15 places around Washington where you can — according to them, anyway — get a pretty good burger. The list included the Grub Hut in Kingston and Noah’s Ark in Bremerton.

(The Grub Hut was listed No. 6 on the 1-15 list with Noah’s at No. 10, but it wasn’t clear whether the numerical order had any significance.)

The Lunchbox Laboratory in Gig Harbor (a burgerie that also has locations in Seattle and Bellevue) also made the list.

Of course, the post was beset by comments from people wondering why their favorite burger bars weren’t included. Commenters listed Kitsap-area joints including Fat Smitty’s (on Highway 101 in Jefferson County), Bubba’s in Allyn, the Blue Ocean in Port Orchard, Crazy Eric’s in Bremerton and the 101 Diner in Sequim.

They missed my personal favorite in the state, too, Beesley’s (off I-5 at the Vader-Ryderwood offramp). Look for the big sign that just says “Eat.” Cougar Country in Pullman was included, which got my attention because it was good all the way back when I went to school there, back around the time the earth was cooling …

You’ve got to have your own favorites, too, both in Kitsap and in places you’ve visited around the state. Let us know in the comments space.

And if you want to see the whole list, you can find it here:


— MM