Homegrown tragicomedy and really good curry: Must be a night in Port Townsend

If you don’t mind the hour-long drive, or the threat of having to pull up for a while at the Hood Canal Bridge, Port Townsend is a great destination, for a lot of reasons.

On April 24, I got to experience two of them. I drove up to see Key City Public Theatre’s original and very worthwhile new show, “Tanstaafl*” (* “There Ain’t No Such Thing As a Free Lunch”), which features a whole boatload of my favorite Jefferson County actor types. I’m sticking a link to the review below.

The show was even better because I saw it on a stomach full of the Massamun curry from Khu Larb … which is reason enough to drive up to P.T. all by itself.

It’s a fun town, especially if you can combine a good dinner and a good evening of theater to make it a real destination experience.

The only drawback was the drive home. Usually, you can catch a slightly scratchy (especially during the Beaver Valley Road portion of the trip) version of the tag-end of the Mariners’ game. But on the 24th, Felix made such quick work of the Twins that they were already into the post-game show before the “Tanstaafl*” cast even took their curtain call.

For Key City Public Theatre tickets, call 360-385-5278 or log onto keycitypublictheatre.org.

For Khu Larb reservations, call 360-385-5023, and check out the menu at khularbthai.com.

Here’s the “Tanstaafl*” review:



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