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We always thought Kelly Huddleston was a stand-up girl …

Suddenly, Kelly Huddleston‘s career is a laughing matter.

The former Central Kitsap resident, who’s been making her living — and, slowly but surely, a name — as an actor down in Los Angeles for the last several years has let things take a decidedly funny turn.

Notorious for her commercial gig touting a certain online college selection service, Kelly’s also booked roles on the TV series “90210” and “Law and Order,” and starred in a children’s series called “Super Sportlets.” She’s currently starring in a Web comedy series called “Research,” the cast of which also includes the noted actor Barry Bostwick.

But lately, her career’s a joke … or, more likely a series of jokes. She’s got several stand-up comedy performances lined up, including two at the famed Comedy Store (on March 12 and 17, respectively).

Olympic Music Festival announces 10-week schedule for 29th season

I just checked the Olympic Music Festival site and found the 2012 program is up, featuring 10 weeks of “Concerts in the Barn” beginning June 20 and running through Sept. 2 on the bucolic festival grounds near Quilcene.

The festival’s 29th season will feature many favorites, including founder and artistic director Alan Iglitzin (viola), Paul Hersh (piano) and Julio Elizalde (piano). Iglitzin will play in five of the 10 weekend programs, the first a Wolfe-Beethoven-Brahms program July 21 and 22 featuring festival favorites the Carpe Diem Quartet, which features OMF veterans Charles Wetherbee (violin) and Korine Fujiwara (viola), as well as new members John Ewing (violin) and Kristin Ostling (cello).

The season winds up Sept. 1 and 2 with the twin pianos of Elizalde and Michael Brown playing music by Brahms, Stravinsky, Bernstein (a suite from “West Side Story,” no less) and Ravel.

As always, concert-goers can enjoy the music from the barn, seated on church pews or hay bales, or outdoors on the berm, and spend time prior to and following the concerts picnicking and strolling around the 55-acre grounds, a former dairy farm. Concerts are on Saturday and Sunday afternoons, beginning at 2 p.m.

People all over the world are willing to jump on me when I goof up …

I just posted a column for this week about classic TV sitcoms that could be adapted into Broadway musicals. The column started as a comment on the trend of turning TV shows and movies into stage musicals, and turned into a list of which shows were the ripest for such a transition.

My first example was “Gilligan’s Island.”

It took about 10 minutes before my friend (Facebook and otherwise), the talented young triple-threat singer-dancer-actress Krista Curry, sent me a note that “Gilligan’s Island” had, indeed, already been turned into a musical. She’s schooling in London and gallyvanting around Europe, so I appreciate her note on two levels: First, it’s nice of her to take the time to send me the information from whatever far-flung tourist trap she happens to be visiting at the moment, and second, it’s even nicer that she’s checking out dispatches from the Sungeon from a half a world away. Score one for Mark Zuckerberg, I guess.

So, “Gilligan’s Island — the Musical” debuted in Los Angeles in 1989, and has been performed all over the country since then, including an independent national tour (which obviously didn’t hit Bremertron) in 2009. It was written by the TV’s show’s creator, Sherwood Schwartz, and his son, Lloyd.

And the music, all 19 songs of it, was written by two-time Grammy winner Laurence Juber (who’s on his way to Poulsbo for a March 25 concert) and his wife, Hope.

It really is a small world after all …