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It’s LGBT Pride Month!

It’s LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender) Pride Month and
organizations in Kitsap County have plans well underway for
There is the main event, Kitsap Pride, as well as a special Kitsap PFLAkitsappride2015HappyPrideG
meeting.  I have also included a link to a video that might help explain why we celebrate LGBT Pride Month in June.


The main event is the Kitsap Pride Festival on July 18th, noon – 5 pm, at Evergreen Park in Bremerton.

For current information and updates check out the Kitsap Pride Network web page or follow them on Facebook:

Why June?  Are you wondering why we celebrate LGBT Pride Month in June? This video explains:
You Tube – Why Pride?
A brief historical perspective of LGBT Pride Month, along with current information about events and resources in Kitsap County.



The June 15th Kitsap PFLAG meeting will include a screening of Faces and Facets of Transgender Experience. This short documentary shares the stories of 18 transgender people and their families. It is a moving look at the issues that transgender people can face with their families and coworkers.

We will screen the film at 6:45 p.m. and then have a discussion from 7:15 p.m.
About the film:
Produced and presented by PFLAG Boulder County
Co- directed by Gus Spheeris and Carol Christenson
Jean Hodges, Executive Producer, 2010
From their web site:

About “Faces and Facets of Transgender Experience:
“Eighteen people and their families share touching stories about the journey from despair and loss to the joy of being the gender they were meant to be. Diversity of ages, ethnicity and background of the interviewees put many faces on what it means to be gender variant. Some topics include how family relationships changed, employment discrimination and coming out at work, issues with law enforcement, interactions after transition, being the parent of a gender variant child and dealing with schools. The emphasis is on positive adjustment, the healthy choices trans people make to work with the challenges, without ignoring them. The purpose for a general non-trans audience will be to create awareness, reduce discomfort and prejudice about transgender persons, and to help people see gender variance as just another aspect of the human experience.”



Another diversity related event happening is the Olympic College Diversity Conference on Jun 25th and 26th. Last year’s, their first one, was wonderfully done and I am looking forward to this year’s.

~ Marcie

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