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The Washington State Senate Approves Marriage Equality Bill

I just watched live (on TV – Thanks to TVW) as the Washington State Senate discussed and then approved the Marriage Equality bill – 28 Yeas to 21 Nays.  I was excited a week ago when enough Senators to pass the bill said that they would vote in favor, but seeing it actually happen was exciting on a whole new level.

Prior to the debate on the actual bill, there were several amendments that were discussed and voted on.  Some of the amendments that passed clarified the protections of religious organizations.  Two amendments that did not pass would have allowed non-religious organizations and businesses to discriminate, contrary to our state non-discrimination laws, and would have put the issue to the voters for approval.

There were some very moving words during the discussion of the bill.  Democratic Senator Murray explained how marriage is important because it is how society says you are a family.  Senator Hobbs mentioned that he would be drilling with fellow reserve soldiers this weekend, some of which are gay, and how could he look them in the eye if he did not vote yes on this bill.  He said “I will never leave a fallen comrade behind.”  Republican Senator Steve Litzow has some great matter-of-fact comments in favor of the bill including how the right to marry is part of the constitutional right to pursue happiness.

Now the bill moves on to the Washington State House of Representatives, where it is expected to pass, then on the Governor Gregoire to sign.  I realize there is likely to be a referendum to put this up to a vote of the people, and we will have to endure misleading statements like what one Senator against the bill said tonight – that marriage equality would create a hostile environment for those folks that support traditional marriage.  However, we will also have the opportunity to hear many more stories about how marriage equality will have a positive affect on Washington State families.

This is a huge step forward, and I am hoping the momentum continues until Washington State becomes a place where all families are valued.

~ Marcie


One thought on “The Washington State Senate Approves Marriage Equality Bill

  1. I am heterosexual, and therefor find male homosexuality an unapealing concept and prefer not to dwell upon it.

    That does not stop me from engaging in commerce or friendship with anyone. I believe the Government should discontinue punishing and rewarding people based on marital status and let the concept of marriage return to its proper place, the centers where believers gather and make such rituals of promise. As for Contracts, the Government should enforce written contracts, and anyone interested in sharing their lives and finances should have such contracts.

    My concern is the right of our State to make decisions the Population desires. I was against medical marijuane in Washington. Since then Life has slapped me awake, by dealing me a wife with cancer, and two wounded sons, who medical marijuana has saved from the tortures of “approvred” pharmacueticals. After Washington State approved medical marijuana I accepted it as the rightful expression of the will of the population of Washington, regardless of my personal feelings.

    Then the federal Government came in with goons dressed in battle garb and raided perfectly legal dispensaries, essentially nullifying the votes of millions of Washingtonians with the stroke of a Washington DC bureuacrat’s pen.

    The President has done nothing to support State’s Rights, and three out of four Republican Candidates are completely hostile to State’s rights on the issue of same-sex marriage.

    While I might or might not have voted the same way as my neighbor, that takes a back seart to the indignation errupting in my bossum when the Federal Government comes in to our State and nullifies our votes.

    There is only one candidate, in either party who has no desire to interfere with our votes.

    One Ron Paul supporter in a caucus State is equal to a thousand in a Primary State.

    The Washington State Ron Paul Campaign is actively searching for you. Let them know you are there. The Caucus is different than a primary, you don’t just show up, vote, then go home. The Campaign, made up of ordinary people like you, are trying to locate the Ron Paul supporters.

    Facebook: Washington State for Ron Paul, and: Kitsap County for Ron Paul
    People in Poulsbo, Wa can reach me at poulsbo2012 at yahoo dot com.

    Make yourself known to the Campaign and we win.

    If our votes are to matter, we have to keep the battle garbed federal governmaent from nullifying our votes, at the behest of a bureaucrat. So we can vote for an executive which will stop that bureacrat from putting pen to paper.

    If you want to marry someone I do not approve of, go ahead, and I wish you the best of all things. If you marry someone the federal government disapproves of, I hope you can escape the oppressions to come.

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