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Latter Glory

THE LATTER GLORY HOUSE Come join us Friday, April 19th as we welcome Linda Meissner to The Latter Glory House. Linda was involved in the ministry of David Wilkerson and Nicky Cruz. Below is a short bio on Linda and her ministry: Linda Meissner, known from the pages of “The Cross and The Switchblade” by David Wilkerson. Linda Meissner worked among the organized gangs and drug-addicts in the original Teen Challenge in New York together with David Wilkerson and Nicky Cruz. Linda Meissner founded the Jesus People Movement and the Jesus People Army in the Pacific Northwest. From 1972-2012 she lived in Europe, but in 2012 Linda Meissner has returned to America with a new vision. Linda Meissner is raising up JPA Ministries all across the USA. She is currently located in Seattle, WA. The vision is to fill the streets with Jesus and have fun while doing it. Have you heard about Jesus? Do you know Jesus? Jesus is the answer for the world today. And we’re not ashamed to say so. In fact, we’re going to say it in as many ways as we can to as many people as we can, ‘cause that’s what we do in the new Jesus People Army. Anyone can join the Army. If you love Jesus and can’t wait to let the world know, you’re practically one of us already. We should definitely hook up, share ideas and just do it! Our vision is to have a Catacombs Coffee-House, where we meet, have live music, and speak with people about Jesus! Linda with the Jesus People Army. 1970



Olympic View Assembly Of God   7 PM