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Catholics File Multiple Law Suits Against the Obama Administration

This is quite strange . With all the attention the War On Women by the Catholic Church and with Rush Limbaugh’s nasty comments about a young lady getting headlines  , the news media takes a nap when Notre Dame and other Catholic Institutions take the Feds to court over the Affordable Health Care Act. Is the media in the tank for the president , or just so  secular in their ranks they are unaware of the tensions building .
Mandates to force Faith Groups to bow down to objectionable mandates like paying for abortion coverage for its employees. is seen as a violation of the First Amendment and I agree .  When we passed our Death With Dignity Act in this state, Catholic Hospitals along with secular Hospitals and doctors were even exempted .   From the faith view , Ministries that get involved in feeding the poor, housing the homeless, clothing and providing medical care for the poor, providing schools in neighborhoods that the government has failed to provide adequately themselves , and such is because they Have a Belief their Ministry are the hands of God helping the needy . To tell these ministries that their hands must also provide the way to kill life created by God mocks their very beliefs and disregards religious liberty and conscience .  The  belief is that the media is so biased they are burying this story . I do remember when the president spoke at Notre Dame and spoke on abortion . He appeared to be quite tolerant of opposing views , his policies show him to be different . These Ministries may just shut down because of this . We are at a turning point in this culture and country . When we stop seeing religious liberty as a blessing that made this country great to  what this Administration has taken to be something they have to deal with , we all loose .

Alexandria, VA – Fury over the ABC, CBS and NBC evening newscasts’ continued refusal to report the lawsuits Catholic entities have filed against the Obama administration has spread beyond the Media Research Center watchdog group and Catholic leaders to 10 additional Christian leaders equally concern…