**EXCESSIVE HEAT WATCH in effect July 1st

Here comes the heat.

Saturday has proven to be yet another uncomfortably hot day in Western Washington, but it’s about to get hotter. The Seattle National Weather Service just issued an EXCESSIVE HEAT WATCH, in effect Monday, July 1st:

6-29-2013 heat watch.jpg

Forecast models are still all over the place in the temperature department, but it looks like we may stay near 90 early next week before cooling down to the 80s just before Independence Day. It isn’t until the 4th itself that any true relief looks likely.

The humidity will also run high over the next several days, as the air flow will be coming from the south instead of either directly off the ocean or from Eastern Washington.

The next headline will be thunderstorm potential Wednesday and Thursday of next week. Storm activity will be primarily focused over the Cascades, but as we have all come to experience, those pesky storms usually find their way down to the lowlands.

Have a great weekend, and stay tuned for further updates!

Matthew Leach

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4 thoughts on “**EXCESSIVE HEAT WATCH in effect July 1st

  1. I used to live in Bremerton… and I understand that near 90’s is excessive for you guys, but this kind of made me giggle. A lot. I dream of moving back there someday (it will probably involve me winning a lot of money somehow) because I would love to have that kind of excessive heat! Texas summers are killing me. I miss you Pacific North West. I miss you so hard!

  2. I love Donna’s post! When it gets hot here we are not used to it! You would not believe all the people here going to stores just to get a break from the heat! There are hardly no fans to be found this side of the water. I hate to complain (not really) but looks like we have a couple weeks of above 75* weather.

  3. @Donna: I so know what you mean. PNW summers are THE BEST. I’m sure most who live here would agree with that, but again, 90s is too much, especially considering most of us do not have AC 🙂

    @Chris: Ditto. These fans are still not keeping me cool enough! And you’re spot on: I don’t see any days below 75 for the next couple weeks. In fact, we may see quite an extended period of 80+ degree temperatures. Stay cool!

  4. The 80 – 90 Degree weather is too hot for me! I can’t even enjoy time at the park with my son because I’m instantly sweaty. Most stores are too cheap to turn on the A/C (Poulsbo Regal Cinemas & Hop Jacks), so I’ve been staying inside with my a/c on.

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