New ‘Forecasting Kitsap’ blog schedule

Hello, all! You have likely noticed this blog has been the quietest since I left for my two year mission to South Africa. There are a couple reasons for this and I wanted to take a moment and explain some of the changes that have occurred over the past couple weeks:

  1. I want to make my forecasts more easily accessible and have therefore decided to spend most of my time preparing daily weather updates which can be found every weekday morning on the Kitsap Sun homepage. The Sun will also host links to their Facebook page.
  2. This blog will not be updated as frequently as before as most of my time will be spent providing daily weather forecasts. However, expect weather updates, with accompanying graphics, one to two times a week on this blog and on my Kitsap Weather Facebook page.
  3. As always during moments of extreme weather, I will update this blog as frequently as needs be.

I hope you will find this new format more efficient and satisfying your daily weather needs. I’ve promised a long range outlook for a while, so look for one tomorrow!

Have a great day,

Matthew Leach

Forecasting Kitsap

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2 thoughts on “New ‘Forecasting Kitsap’ blog schedule

  1. Matthew..what is a “Rain Event” warning ??? I heard this forecast for Victoria and Vancouver BC ??

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