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Have you ever had that awkward moment when your invited guest stays just a little bit too long?

I know many living on the Kitsap Peninsula have had such a moment, because some of the very people who were wishing for snow and all its glory are now wanting to see Frosty burned at the stake. Snow does strange things to a person.

Anyway, that guest, in the form of snow, is wanting to make another reappearance today. Now, we’re not looking at repeating Wednesday’s headache-of-a-day, but things could get increasingly dicey around here before precipitation turns back into rain later this afternoon. Some extensive clearing last night gave way to subfreezing temperatures, and the approaching storm system from the south will likely prompt some light  snowfall over the western half of the Kitsap Peninsula until the late morning hours. Most will likely see a mix of snow and rain, but several locations could start out as all snow before turning to rain. Accumulations will range between a trace to 1”.

Periods of rain and sloppy wet snow are possible for Hood Canal regions through Christmas.

Speaking of which, now for our second order of business. I mentioned a couple days ago how most of you should be expecting a “green Christmas”, but that there was a concern for some locations to receive additional snow. This concern has grown tremendously over the past 48 hours. At this point, I’d rather mention this possibility now and have it NOT materialize instead of ignore it and pay the consequences later!

Here’s the latest 24 snowfall projections Christmas evening:

christmas evening snow 12-21-2012

**Ok, now pause. I don’t want to join Frosty on the stake. This is a possibility, but not a slam dunk. When is it ever a slam dunk? In addition, I’m not predicting everyone will see a white Christmas. 🙂 Latest models suggest at least half of the peninsula runs the risk for heavy, wet snow Christmas morning starting at about 7 AM. This is still a couple days about, but current thinking is some locations could receive as much as 8” of snow closer to the Canal. Absolutely incredible.

This bears intense watching, but for now just prepare for generally smooth traveling conditions for most parts of Western Washington through Christmas Eve. Be sure to check pass conditions before driving over the mountains as well.

Also, stay tuned for a special blog post soon, which will highlight some incredible pictures of our most recent “snowpocalypse”.

Have a great morning and stay safe out there! I mean it! It’s slippery.

Matthew Leach

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6 thoughts on “Keeping an eye out for Christmas snow

  1. Many Washingtonian’s love snow, especially on Christmas! If both of us didn’t know it before, we know it now! 🙂

    Merry Christmas!

    1. @Amanda: It is still a bit too early to tell how much folks will get on Christmas morning. Right now, the Port Orchard area could receive 2-4” of snow by the end of the day. Stay tuned, as the accumulation totals will fluctuate leading up to the even itself.

      @Surfsnow: Thanks 🙂

  2. Matthew, great forecasting….don’t listen to ffredd…if it was a non-story he wouldn’t have taken the time to post. He just loves to complain…quite sad.

  3. No snow for me please I fell trying to get a couple of puppies inside and have been in bed since bad neck I should have seen my doctor but did not beem doinf better bit no snow in poulsbo please.

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