September 2012 Weather Stats: Mild and very, very dry

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Good morning everyone!

I will be honest: as I tried to compile statistical information for the month of September I got rather…bored. Although very much reminiscent of September 2006 AND September 2008, it was a very, very low-key month. Then again, that should’ve been about as much as we were expecting. After all, an Indian Summer was predicted long before September 2012 came around 🙂

With that being said, let’s just  take a look at the temperature anomalies for a minute:

I was going to change the background on this picture since it’s been used since the July 2012 stats, but I thought the bright, sunny orange/yellow background was fitting for this month.

Not only did we only manage a paltry 0.01” of rain the whole month, we spiked over 80 degrees five times! We even barely escaped hitting 90 on the 7th. Conversely, look how chilly our overnight lows got (yet another similarity to Sept 2008). We dipped into the 30s at least seven times the whole month, which pushed our average low temperature into below normal readings.

Skies were bright and clear the first half of the month, but then clouds and a series of cold fronts knocked the temperatures down as the month went on. Still, it wasn’t enough to knock us down to normal. Here are the numbers!

September Average High: 66.8  September 2012 Average High: 71.6      +4.8 above normal

September Average Low: 46.1  September 2012 Average Low: 44.7         -1.4 below normal

September Average Monthly Temperature: 56.5       September 2012 Average Monthly Temperature: 58.2        +1.7 above normal

September Average Monthly Precipitation: 1.55”     September 2012 Average Monthly Precipitation: 0.01”       -1.54” below normal

So as far as a daily high temperature is concerned, we were well above average. However, when looking at overall temperatures the spread really wasn’t so far after all.

Anything you care to add about September 2012? Feel free to use the comment section below! And how about October, you ask? Well, according to my Fall forecast, October 2012 is still on par to average slightly above normal in the temperature department with below normal precipitation.

With that being said, this week will finish off sunny and dry with highs slightly above average, if not close enough to seasonal norms. The weekend will cool off, however, and we’ll then see highs dipping into the lower 60s.

There have been many hints that our long lasting ridge will break down, but the question is when. As soon as the forecasting models start getting more consistent, we’ll discuss our rain possibilities! 🙂

Have a great day,

Matthew Leach

Forecasting Kitsap

2 thoughts on “September 2012 Weather Stats: Mild and very, very dry

  1. Very much like sailing into the doldrums. And there ye sit matey. Long the scorn of off shore sailors, a watch would be posted to look for signs upon the water of slack weather.

  2. Matt,I would like to add,in regards to the rain and wind or lack there off,be careful what you wish for.I still predict no fewer than 3 powerful wind storms before the end of November.

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