Raindrops have entered the forecast!

Excuse the exclamation point, it’s just been a while 😉

Although Seattle is known for its often cloudy, wet weather most days of the year, the summers here are known for being pleasantly cool, dry and storm free. But the closer we get to September and the fall season, the more likely it is to see raindrops entering the 7 day forecast. And wouldn’t you know it, after a month of waiting, you’ll find Western Washington back to doing what it knows best. Well, to some degree anyway.

Didn’t it feel a little chilly this morning? Some Kitsap locations woke up with low temperature readings into the 40s and we didn’t warm up to our high temperature of 72 degrees until…well, 15 minutes ago. In fact, we spent a good chunk of today 10-12 degrees below our average high temperature. But it’s amazing what a few sun breaks can do!

Tomorrow’s forecast won’t have much to do with sun breaks, nor will it feature much in the way of warm temperatures, but at least you’ll get a sneak preview of what we’ll experience this fall. In any case, it’ll be a cool day with a few spot showers around. In fact, snow levels will drop as low as 6,000′ Thursday night! :

This won’t be a Kitsap County Fair washout by any means, so don’t let this forecast detract from your plans tomorrow! But if you insist on “fair” weather, just wait until the weekend!

Skies will clear Friday and Saturday providing temperatures the opportunity to reach the low and mid 70s. I’m glad the forecast models have changed their tune for the weekend. It’s looking a lot nicer than what was advertised a couple days ago.

And just as the festivities wrap up, so does the warm and dry weather. Sunday through Tuesday look like a mix of clouds and showers with only a few sun breaks. The most widespread chance of rain will be on Monday, but it’ll be hit and miss on Sunday and Tuesday. Highs will cool back down to the mid 60s and lower 70s.

Whew! While you’re going on the YoYo and Ring of Fire this week, who says Mother Nature can’t do the same? 😉

Have a great day everyone!

Matthew Leach

Forecasting Kitsap