Tracking the heat, thunderstorms and more: I could use your help!

**I’m currently in Utah right now and won’t have the most consistent access to temperatures and weather trends hour by hour. Please feel free to use the comment section below to update the readers on current temperatures and weather conditions where you are! That would be a great help. Thank you!**

**UPDATE: Thank you for the updates throughout the day 🙂 The official high temperature at Bremerton National Airport was 91 degrees, a few degrees cooler than anticipated. A wrinkle in the forecast may save us from significantly warmer temps tomorrow**

Good morning! It’s almost impossible for me to take a holiday from weather. I’ve tried very hard, but inevitably I found some downtime and as a result, you’ll get your heatwave update 🙂

So where are we as of 9:15 this morning? This will give us a good idea of where we’re headed with the high temperature today. Bremerton Airport shows a temperature of 77 degrees after spending only 15 minutes in the upper 50s last night, so reaching the low to mid 90s today is not a far-fetched idea at all. According to the airport, the record for today is 91 set in 2010 and I’d bet my dog and car we’ll get beyond that in most locations. How’s that for confidence? 😉 So here’s what it’s looking like around the sound today:

So a tad warmer than August 4th, when we found ourselves on either end of 90 degrees. The thermal trough moves north tonight and into tomorrow, which will mean a dramatic cool down and increase of clouds on the coast, but another hot day inland. Highs will be a little warmer than today, but there’s the off chance this thermal trough chugs it’s way through the area a little faster than anticipated which would keep the temperatures in the upper 80s verses near 100 degrees.  The record for Sea-Tac In’tl airport on Friday is 96 degrees set in 1977, and it looks like most areas around the sound could get close.

Then the trough moves on and we’re left with the back end of it. The cool down Saturday will be pretty dramatic, as it usually is, as highs will plummet to the upper 70s and low 80s. You’ll also notice more cloud cover which will pave the way for an increasing chance of thunderstorms Saturday evening. In the latest forecast discussion by the National Weather Service, it was pointed out that while there won’t be a lot of moisture for thunder “showers”, there could be quite a bit of lightning, which could pose a fire threat. As always in these situations, the best chance for thunderstorms is in the cascades.

More cooling takes place on Sunday and wouldn’t you know it…we’re back to normal. Morning clouds, afternoon clearing and highs in the mid 70s.

We’ll discuss the long range in a couple days, but for now try to stay cool and use plenty of sunblock! Also, please take careful note that it will be extremely dry for the foreseeable future, so be careful with and around fire. It has been an active wildfire year in the west and we don’t want it getting out of control in our neighborhoods!

Have a safe and fun day everyone!

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