Thunderstorms and rain have entered the forecast…again

It is truly amazing to hear about the dreadful heat and drought conditions in the east, some of which the worst in 50 years. I wish we could push some of–or all of–the moisture here to the areas that need it, but the weather models are consistently bringing system after system into our region making for a cooler and slightly wetter than normal weather pattern. And, to add to all of that, we may have a run in with thunderstorms again.

That’s right! The Seattle area averages about 7 thunderstorms a year, making it one of the rarest locations in the country to find such storms. But I heard we haven’t seen much in the way of thunder and lightning the past few years, so Mother Nature’s just trying to make up for it 😉 Your forecast tomorrow looks a bit cloudy in the morning, although with the strong summer sun those pesky clouds should burn away quickly and lead to more in the way of afternoon sunshine. Highs will bounce into the mid and upper 70s, which is a far cry from today’s 66 degree high temperature!

A stronger onshore push will arrive later Thursday, but it won’t come without a bang. Thunderstorms will bubble up along the eastern foothills and Cascades, but could wander our direction through the night, so don’t be surprised to hear some thunder tomorrow night. Lows will be near 60.

Friday onward the forecast becomes very uncertain. Weather models seem to think one thing one 6 hour time frame, and then switch to another concept in another 6 hour time frame. I mean, you’d swear we’re in winter! But the general consensus is: a cooler/cloudier start to our weekend with Friday being the coolest day with highs near 70. The sun returns briefly for yard work on Saturday before the clouds and showers return for Sunday. Then, we should make a gradual change to more summer-like weather as next week progresses. Highs should eventually make it to near 80 by this time next week.

This is what makes weather forecasting fun…it’s like trying to catch a fly blindfolded sometimes… 🙂

Have a great evening!

Matthew Leach

Forecasting Kitsap