Long range forecast predicts cool weather through the end of June

At the office today, one of the orthodontic assistants said, “Today looks more like a typical October day than a June day…”

Of course, it looked that way, but I was surprised to see the temperature gauge here in Silverdale never managed to make it past 55 degrees. And, as a reference point, that’s only a couple degrees warmer than our average monthly high temperature in November! Who would have thought that today’s temperatures still wouldn’t qualify as normal in October?

I also checked some long range weather resources online and they are all forecasting cool and showery weather to continue all the way until…July 1st. Why July 1st? Because that’s as far as the long range models will go. Disappointing to say the least, although that doesn’t mean between now and the 1st of July we’ll be stuck under a sopping wet blanket of clouds! In fact, despite the long range forecasts, we have spurts of pretty nice weather coming up! Especially for the majority of Forecasting Kitsap readers who seem to prefer partly sunny skies, a slight breeze and highs in the 70s 🙂

We’ll have to go through another day of the same tomorrow with mostly cloudy skies and very cool temperatures in the low 60s. We may sneak in the occasional sunbreak, but overall it will be a pretty boring weather day.

Friday and Saturday deserve a little more attention. Recent weather trends have been advertising some pretty mild weather for the early part of our weekend. Both days look partly (if not mostly!) sunny skies with highs in the mid 70s. Saturday may feature a little more in the way of clouds and slightly cooler temperatures, but either way we’re looking at comfortable weekend weather.

Saturday night the ridge of high pressure breaks apart and we’re left with a threat for some showers on Sunday, just in case you missed them! Highs will cool back down to the mid 60s.

And, as previously discussed, the cool weather trend continues into next week. Now, if you don’t mind, I’m going to look up some cool weather stories around the globe. Kitsap weather just isn’t doing it for me 😉

Stay safe everyone,

Matthew Leach

Forecasting Kitsap