“Is it…Snowing?”

Kinda sad our first “snow” of the season (which has really only been a series of pretty little snowflakes fluttering to the ground and then melting on impact…or at least that’s my “glass half empty” view of it) is happening a couple weeks before the official start of Spring, though meteorological Spring started a week ago.

Nevertheless, our first true cold front in what seems like forever moved into the area yesterday and we’ve been able to hang on to just enough cold air and have just enough “oomph” in the shower activity to literally yank the temperatures down to produce, like I mentioned earlier, pretty little snowflakes. Not every one is seeing this right now, though. The showers are widely scattered and more intense the farther south you go, like towards Tacoma/Puyallup.

So what’s next on the menu? Continued rain/snow showers today amounting to nothing, unless you happen to be under an intense snow shower in which case you may eke out a trace. But don’t come burning down my home if you don’t see anything at all! Highs will stay in the low 40s today…I don’t think we’ll make much progress in the high temperature department.

Skies will clear tonight in wake of an approaching weather system that will impact the area Tuesday afternoon. Now here’s the tricky part: temperatures will plunge tonight, dipping as low as the mid 20s in spots. If we can get enough cloud cover before sunrise tomorrow, we may just be able to keep the cold temperatures socked in before the precip arrives which, of course, would mean snow. If we have too many blasted sun breaks or an obnoxiously strong wind before the juicy stuff comes, then I think it’s pretty safe to say we struck out…again.

My best prediction is a rain/snow mix for Kitsap areas close to the water, but a more pronounced snow event right along the Hood Canal/Seabeck area as cold air is often hard to scour our without a significant wind to mix things up. Accumulations will be minor if they do occur, and by minor I mean an inch or less. We just don’t have enough cold air to last us through the whole event, so whatever does fall will quickly melt away. Highs will still be very cold in the upper 30s to mid 40s.

We slowly warm up to normal throughout the week, though the rain and clouds have decided to stick around for the heck of it. So I hope you enjoyed the BEAUTIFUL, GORGEOUS, MAGNIFICENT, SPECTACULAR weekend we had, because it may be a couple weeks before we get to have that again 😉

Be safe out there!

Matthew Leach

Forecasting Kitsap

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  1. no snow here (union hill) i do hope to see something this evening or tonight…i am at around 520ft or so and the snow level today and tonight will be between 500-600′ so i can only hope!

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