Benign is Divine!

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I think by now many of you are ready to catch your breath: windstorms, rainstorms, thunderstorms, funnel clouds, hail, flooding, heavy mountain snow and even some lowland flakes…all in less than a month! But this week?





Indeed, our dear Mother Nature has seen our white flags of surrender and is giving us a break this week. Does this mean absolutely no rain, clouds or wind? Not exactly…but it does mean nothing significant is expected to roll through the region, meaning Thanksgiving travel should be relatively stress free.

Other than a few showers tomorrow, Thanksgiving Day and Black Friday, nothing too notable looks likely for the next 7 days. Looking ahead at the long range weather models, we may even begin a little dry streak this weekend into the first few days of December. Now wouldn’t THAT be nice!

Have a great evening everyone and safe travels!

Matthew Leach

Forecasting Kitsap

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  1. Hey matt i know it is off topic but your winter forecast was talked about on Scott S. weather blog

    he said he has talked to you since you were 11 cool. I wish i could talk to the komo 4 forecast team

    he also said that your a rising star


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