A Little Snow for Kitsap Tonight


Heh heh…no kidding! A juicy storm system that has moved into the area is packing quite the punch. Not only is it raining pretty moderately out there, but temperatures are quite chilly in the mid to upper 30s. There are even some reports of slushy wet rain/snow in the Seabeck/Hood Canal area with some light accumulation on the dirt/grass. And you know what? It wouldn’t surprise me to hear of more reports of a wintry mix of rain and wet snow through the night as this cold storm blows through. Winds will also pick up.

Totally out of the blue, but hey…this is the Northwest and the weather can do whatever it wants!

Oh, by the way, very little to no accumulation is expected 😉


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35 thoughts on “A Little Snow for Kitsap Tonight

  1. Yeah really where do you live?!?!?! i have allready gotten my first snow on the 14th but only a trace

    no snow here matt only lots and lots of rain :'(

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