**Severe Weather Headed for Kitsap County: Copious Rainfall, Windy Weather Ahead

**A WIND ADVISORY and HIGH WIND WATCH have been issued for the greater Seattle area including all of Kitsap County. Click here for more information.**

Updated 5:22 PM

Welcome to stormy season! Get ready for a stormy couple of days as wind watches/warnings have been posted for all of Western Washington accompanied by copious amounts of rainfall…as in potentially 3-5” of rain in the main Kitsap area in about 48 hours. This seems too dramatic to be true, but the “firehose” is trending more and more south with the rain and if it keeps the trend going, we could be looking at serious flooding for the Skokomish River.

Take a look at this 48 hour rainfall forecast ending 4 am Tuesday. This shows the extreme rainfall amounts engulfing about 90% of the Kitsap Peninsula:

extreme November rain

Another dangerous aspect of this storm is the warmer tropical air associated with it. You know all the snow we’ve accumulated in the mountains? Say bye-bye…this storm will ensure we either start from square one (yet again) in the mountain passes or at least get pretty close. Discouraging to say the least.

And lastly (hopefully, lastly…) there looks to be a major windstorm potential with this as well. Tomorrow and Tuesday look likely to produce strong winds, but how strong is still in question. If the NWS issues any wind watches/warnings I will post them.

Showers and sunbreaks look likely Wednesday before a stronger front moves through Thursday. A break then arrives Friday before some more heavy rain returns Saturday.

But it will feel like drizzle compared to what’s coming next! 😉

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