Storm Mystery: Green, Blue Flashes Brighten Kitsap’s Dark Skies

**An intense rain band is moving southeast from the northern tip of Hood Canal and will affect a great portion of Kitsap County this afternoon. It will be a fast-moving system, but could make travel tricky for a while. Please be safe out there!**

I have received many e-mails asking what the strange blue/green lights were that seemed to light up the whole sky late last night. I am almost certain it was caused by blown transformers, but how did they blow?

Quite frequently during storms these transformers and other electrical equipment tend to attract lightning. Because of the radical change in pressure and wind flow last night, a few thunder and lightning storms popped up around the area. Some of the lightning likely struck a transformer, thus causing it to blow. However, what you see when a transformer blows at night is quite spectacular!

There were also thousands without power yesterday because of the wind and rain. Driving home on the highway from Port Orchard, I could hardly see the dividing lines on the road. The rain was falling so hard and fast, my wipers couldn’t keep up and I became pretty tense. When I got home I let out a huge sigh of relief!

At work today many of the patients that came in had some wild stories about the weather and how it affected them last night. Do you have a story to share about the craziness last night? Feel free to use the comment section below! I’d like to hear about it 😉

Ok…I need to head back to work, but stay tuned for my Pee Wee Football Playoff forecast this evening!


31 thoughts on “Storm Mystery: Green, Blue Flashes Brighten Kitsap’s Dark Skies

  1. I was woken up at about 2:30am by the loudest and longest thunder I can recall. I live near Jackson and Lund in Port Orchard. It shook the house.

  2. Matt,

    Since you’re going to be putting out your picks for the Pee Wee playoffs, could you throw us a bone for the Pee Wee Flag kids having their Tournament 21 November at Carpenter Field (Warren Avenue Playfield)? The kids’ love to have a crowd, and it’ll be a lot of fun!


  3. FYI for all the FOOTBALL fans in Bremerton: The Pee Wee Football season is wrapping up a really great year this month. Here is a quick rundown of the schedule:
    “B” String : 7 November @ Givens Field (1:00, 2:30, 4:30, 6:00)
    Championship Game : Bremerton High, 14 November at 2:00
    “C” String: 7 November @ Bremerton Jr High (10:00, 11:30, 1:30, 3:30)
    Championship Game : Bremerton High, 14 November at 12:00
    “D” String: 7 November @ Ostrander Field (10:00-3:30)
    11 November @ Carpenter Field (5:30-7:00PM)
    Championship Game @ Bremerton High School at 10:00

    “E” String Flag Tournament will be 21 November at Carpenter Field
    (THIS IS MY FAVORITE PICK- Yeah, I am a little partial to watching the little guys really go for it and have a GREAT time!)

    There will be teams from Warren Avenue, East Bremerton, North Perry, North Kitsap, South Kitsap, Tracyton, Chico, and I think even North Mason!!! It’s going to be great! Here is your chance to see the future of sports in our County, and all the Championship Games are here in Bremerton High (except Flag-that will be held across the street at Warren Avenue’s Playfield/ Carpenter Field)!!!

  4. Saw some lighting and heard some thunder around noon30-ish today.

    AND I swear I saw some of those “mammatus” type clouds on the thunderhead as it passed overhead!Of course they were not as defined as some of those as you would see in the mid-west.

    Matt,did you see what I am talking about?I could be mistaken,but they sure looked wicked cool 😉

  5. well i was reading my book at around midnight looking out the window when Flash boom boom and then pouring rain started and stared out the windo for 20 minutes or so in awe of nature

  6. I just was looking at an animated sat/radar loop,and it looks like some more bad weather is on its way.

    There must be some very unstable air right now,these are not your typical summer type storms.

  7. Thanks for the reports, guys! Shawn, these are very rare storm systems indeed. I’d expect something like this to occur in the Midwest, not here!

    Coach Gary: I included the plug 😉

  8. Transformers don’t have to be hit by lightning to blow. In most cases it is caused by a line grounding out (trees falling on lines, lines breaking, etc).

  9. Kelly: I feel the same way!

    Mike: You’re right. It can blow in more than one instance, but last night because we had lightning, it only added fuel to the fire (maybe not the best cliche saying considering the topic we’re on…). Regardless, when it blows, it puts on quite a show! 😉

    Thanks for the comments!

  10. I did see a transformer blow up around 9 pm,but I saw no lightning.

    Where was the lightning more located at?(but then again,I was doing my online radio show,so I could have missed it)

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