Pee Wee Football Playoffs Forecast: Active Weather for Active Youth!

Nick with ball

Nick Smidt (#50), Warren Avenue Pee Wee’s D-String. 2008 Champions. Behind him, Zach Storey (#21) and Darelle White (#22) 

 Good grief! What a day it has been. At 11:30 am or so I think I experienced the heaviest rain of my life (of course, my life hasn’t spanned for very many years, but still!). And, I must admit, it came as a surprise. I mean, I knew it would rain periodically today, but I didn’t expect the torrential downpours we experienced this afternoon and now again this evening!

Expect periods of very heavy rain and breezy winds through the night with flashes of lightning and startling rumbles of thunder. Tomorrow will be no different: heavy rain, blustery conditions and variable skies will be the theme for tomorrow. Highs will also be rather cool in the upper 40s.

Not only will Mother Nature be busy stirring up some active weather for our Saturday, but the Kitsap Pee Wee Football Playoffs will begin tomorrow to add more action to the mix! So, as promised, here’s my forecast for the Quarter Finals, which will be all day in the East Bremerton/South Kitsap area:

playoffs weather map quarter

The Semi Finals are on Wednesday November 11th at around 5 PM in the West Bremerton/Silverdale area and peeking ahead into the long range it also looks pretty wet. Not as wet as Saturday, but still pretty cold and damp.

The Final Championship Game is on Saturday November 14th at Bremerton High School from 10 am-4 pm. And though I’m pushing the long range extra hard with this one, it appears dry with the heaviest rain averted to our north. Of course, take this forecast with a grain of salt, but at least right now it looks optimistic! Oh, and our fellow blog reader Colleen Smidt would like to say, “Go Warren Avenue Knights!” 😉

Lastly, blog reader, Coach Gary, also wanted to let everyone know the Pee Wee Flag kids are having their Tournament on November 21st at Carpenter Field (Warren Avenue Playfield). Go out and support the youth! While I was never really good at sports growing up (and I still can’t throw a ball very straight…) I had fond memories of playing sports with my friends.

If you would prefer staying indoors and watching the rain fall, don’t worry about missing one day of “sit by the fire and read a book while sipping your coffee” weather, because Monday looks active, chilly and wet. Oh joy! At least Sunday of this weekend and the remainder of next week looks tolerable, so go out and do something those days! 😉

Have a GREAT weekend and good luck football players!

(Oooh…and don’t forget to visit the mountain forecast page under “More Information” on the right hand side! They’re getting a dumping of snow this weekend!)

Matthew Leach

Forecasting Kitsap

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21 thoughts on “Pee Wee Football Playoffs Forecast: Active Weather for Active Youth!

  1. Thanks Matt! I will print this out and pass it around tomorrow before the game for Pee Wee Parents to check out in the coming days.

    The kids will have to rely on their passion for the game to keep them warm:-) And a few extra layers pushed on them thanks to Mom and Dad reading your forecast.

  2. Both Warren Avenue Teams in the playoffs are advancing to the Semi-Finals on Wednesday November 11th. C-String (Blue)defeated North Kitsap (Purple) 6 to 0 and D-String who defeated East Bremerton 31 to 0.

    Go Knights!

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