A Tale of Two Weather Extremes: Oh the Joys of Being a Weatherman!


Get the pitchforks and/or tomatoes ready (I’d prefer tomatoes if I had a say in this at all…) because the weather models are playing with us just a little bit as they often do. Summer patterns are generally consistent and not as sporadic as fall/winter/spring patterns. However, this weekend and early next week’s rain forecast is a tricky one with models painting two scenarios: dry and pleasant or wet and cool. Right now, the most trusted models are painting a cool/wet pattern but I’m getting a little anxious…

Weather forecasters often get teased about wrong forecasts in the winter, but in the summer a wrong forecast is a deadly sin! I’ll keep a close eye on your weekend and the outlook for early next week. The last time we saw a good healthy dose of rain was about early to mid May, so if the weather pattern advertised in some models comes true, we may restart the dry counter! I actually hope we do end up cooler and wetter in the long range…I’m not a fan of tomato-stained shirts and pitchfork wounds!

This has been a brief update, but I’m still in my scrubs and feel rather…unsterilized…(is that even a word??)

Matthew Leach

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8 thoughts on “A Tale of Two Weather Extremes: Oh the Joys of Being a Weatherman!

  1. Relax Matthew, I am a much more seasoned citizen than you. Grew up in the Portland area which gets at least a 1000 more heat units than this area. Having a birthday in early August made it easy to note that it was “Always” cool somewhere in that first 10 days. It ruined any plans for a get together at Lake Oswego where we spent most of our summers wallowing in the water. Also noted that the hot weather always came back as soon as school started. (No airconditioning.) So I would say things are right on schedule.

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