MUCH Cooler Weather Coming Our Way!

Yay! Models have pretty much flopped 180 since I looked at them this morning before work. It’s now looking like low to mid 80s tomorrow versus low 90s. That’s good news for all of you cooler weather fans!

Speaking of fans, you may still need them over the weekend with highs bouncing a smidgen in the mid to upper 80s.

And then WHAM-O, KAMBLAM-O temperatures in the 70s for highs return! Stay tuned on this one, but it’s looking more and more likely.

Again, very brief post today. I worked all day today and my sister is coming home from her church mission this evening, so I want to be sure to get out of my scrubs and greet her!

But as I promised…an explanation on why we got so hot this week and if this has anything to do with global warming (hint…not really) sometime this weekend. I’ve been quite busy lately!

By the way…we hit 96 today. A few degrees cooler than I expected, but we at least tied the 1971 record of 96. We’ve broken all but one record this week, and the one record we didn’t break we tied! Quite impressive!

Matthew Leach

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19 thoughts on “MUCH Cooler Weather Coming Our Way!

  1. National Weather Service says Bremerton National Airport recorded 97 degrees…from 2:35 on to past 5 p.m. Are we looking at different data?

  2. This is the same info that comes from the NWS:

    According to that, we got up to 96.8. Official weather stations commonly round up numbers so we aren’t stuck with a decimal, which is never something you should do. Temperatures are very specific here. As strange as it sounds, in the record book 55.6 is not the same as 56 degrees. So, that’s why I think the NWS reported 97.

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