100 Degree Watch: Can We Do It???

**UPDATED 11:32 AM**

Alright, Kitsap! Don’t be shy. History’s in the making and I’d love it if you reported on your current temperatures at your locations as the day progresses. Let’s see who can get to 100 first! 🙂

Here are some current observations (as of 11:32 AM):

Poulsbo—95.9 (I decided to switch Poulsbo stations. The one I used for the 9:30 AM update was a good 10 degrees warmer than everyone else and I don’t think it’s accurate…)


Bainbridge Island—94.5

Port Orchard—98.5 (almost there!)


Bremerton (Airport)—93.2

According to KOMO Weather Producer Scott Sistek, Seattle was in the 90s by 10 am. There is a strong east wind blowing this morning which is pouring in the hot air from Eastern Washington and flooding the lowlands with record heat. Think of it as someone leaving the oven door open.

Anyway, I’ll make more updates to this post throughout the morning/afternoon, though I’m going to Kitsap Lake at 1:00 (I can’t stand it in my 88 degree house!!!) so keep the observations going!

P.S. This evening I’ll do a post  more about the technical aspect of things: why this is happening and what we can expect in the long range.


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