25 thoughts on “Maybe Not As Cold As We Thought?

    1. The GFS is 1 hour slower because of daylight savings time. Now you will see updates at 10 pm, 4 am , 10 am and 4 pm. That makes it pretty frustrating to create forecasts, especially for the evening news shows. But oh well. What can we do…

      And about snow in April…I think we’re all done. If we were to see a bit of snow it would be brief and in the late night/early morning hours and then quickly melt away. I have a hard time imagining another April 2008 repeat. You never know though!

  1. Damn then we could be done for a few years with El Nino coming up.

    About the GFS, thanks for the update there, but I have seen the ooz update very late or not at all what is up with that? Same goes for the other runs, in fact I saw a 06z run at noon before.

    1. Really? I have not had that much trouble, Eric. Have you been going to the IPS Meteostar site?

      Also, remember 2006-2007 was an El Niño year and we saw two arctic outbreaks and plenty of snow. They’re not always bad 🙂

  2. Yes I have been using the link you sent me awhile ago on the old fourm.

    I am currently not going to school, it is spring break for me.

    Are you sure 2006-2007 was an EL Nino year? We were really warmer and drier and still got snow?

    1. Yes, 06-07 was an El Niño year. Not all El Niño’s are warm and dry just like not all La Niña’s are cold and wet.

      Have a good spring break!

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