57 thoughts on “The Global Warming Controversy Continues…

  1. well matthew, yet another interesting forcast, too bad i wont be here to see how it turns out! any idea how the weather will be in oregon on the coast? haha.

  2. Thanks for the comment, Brianna 🙂

    The Oregon Coast? Wet, breezy, cold and cloudy! Haha enjoy!

  3. Oh Matt, I have a book by Thomas Friedman you must read. His newest book on climate change is really great. I think he describes climate change in the best way. Although the average global temperature has only increased about 3% in the last one hundred years, that 3% makes a huge difference. Think of it like the body temperature of a human. If your body temperature increased 3%, you might think you were sick. If it increased another 3%, you would most likely be in a hospital. The numbers are all relative, but what’s most important is that we realize we do have a problem. And the truth is we need to start finding ways to slow this process, before it is–as cliche as it may sound–too late.

  4. Thanks for the comment, Katherine! I’ll have to check that book out. I have researched both sides of the global warming issue and haven’t quite made a solid opinion either way.


  5. The good thing about which side of this “controversy” you come down on is that the extreme weather events we are going to be living with in the new normal environment will hit everyone, believer or not. The atmosphere simply doesn’t care whether you “believe” it is getting hotter.

  6. You know when meteorologists are able to accurately predict next week’s weather, I will begin to pay more close attention. Frankly no one can predict the future. If climatology and meteorology were any different you guys would be in Vegas!

  7. Just because someone has had something published in print, doesn’t mean that they are reliable source. A quick google search has Christopher Booker also asserting that asbestos is a harmless white powder, second hand smoke isn’t a health risk, and that “intelligent design” creationism is a scientific theory.


    Let’s snort some asbestos and see if he’s right. You go first; you seem to trust the guy.

  8. jk: I simply gave two sides to the issue: warming and cooling. I never said which one I supported. What gave you the impression I support Christopher Booker? I just said his article is “interesting”.

    I think you may be the only one snorting asbestos here…

  9. March, 2008: 5 record lows, 0 record highs

    March, 2009: 7 record lows, 0 record highs (so far)

    Go Figure…

  10. Biznews: I suppose it depends which location you are referring to because some Kitsap areas have had 10+ record lows/record low highs just this month.


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