18 thoughts on “Weekly Entertainment: Knowledge Bowl

  1. I do not see any snow chances on Sat unless you count .02 on the gague, what model is telling you that?

    If I do not get snow tonight, is it almost a sure thing on Sat? I am higher elevations.

  2. Heights are going to get pretty low in the 520s to 530s over the weekend, especially Sunday and some areas, particularly the Hood Canal region, could see some snow.

    Nothing is set in stone yet but the possibility is there…

  3. Well congratulations, Matt! Not even a year out of high school, and you’ve got a running column with the Kitsap Sun. Great job. 🙂 I hope your career only climbs from here.

    It was nice to see the KB video – I was absent the day it played in school, and had never seen the finished version! I felt a lot more stupid when you were filming than I look on the final product. You ever feel that way?

    – The only girl who talked in the KB video

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