Great News: Griffey is Back!…to the Sunshine State?

Sorry for the late update! 4 day school weeks tend to mess my schedule up, so I apologize for the 8:30 PM post…

Anyway, it appears Ken Griffey, Jr. and Mother Nature are no longer very much in common, because Griffey has officially made up his mind and has signed to the Seattle Mariners! Want more good news? Plan some outdoor activities for the next 3 days because spring will be here for a visit!

Pure sunshine with highs in the mid to upper 50s will be the theme for tomorrow and Friday with more in the way of high clouds and cooler temperatures for Saturday. Regardless, a spectacular 3 days coming up!

Clouds increase Saturday night and drop a bit of moisture, but the real precip isn’t expected to hit the area until Monday, and even then amounts will be light. Cooler highs in the 40s with clouds and showers will be the theme for early to mid week next week. I guess reality needs to set in some time!

Have a good night!

Matthew Leach

Kitsap Weather