42 thoughts on “There’s Such Thing as “Normal”?!

  1. Tuesday, 10 PM, Holly on Hood Canal.

    At sea level the accumulation was just about an inch of tightly- packed snow around 11 AM, no difference between road and lawn. Calm to no wind all day. Snow plows thankfully were working the area between noon and 1 PM. Right now there is still a solid thin layer of white over the ground. I don’t recall any rain today.

  2. Thanks for being the Hood Canal reporter, Tom!

    Yeah, after the snow ended all the moisture ended, keeping the snow firm on the ground.

    Glad to see the snow plows were working. December was not a good month for them…

  3. Just trying to help in your endeavor to paint the true picture of Kitsap weather.
    Many of us are tired of being mistakenly generalized into the weather of Bremerton or Kitsap National Airport, especially now that so many regulations occur because of supposed weather conditions.

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